About Jaydub Computer Services

Our goal here at Jaydub Computer Services is to provide excellent Computer / I.T. Services to our Los Angeles community. Meet the awesome team behind all of this below.

Jaylen Wimbish

I am Jaylen Wimbish, Proprietor of Jaydub Computer Services. I fell in love playing and tinkering around computers when I was younger. I had my chance to break things, crash things, and even delete important files. As I got older, I learned from my past experiences and began to expand my knowledge of the computer/technical world that has grown into a passion today. JCS is another way I can express my passion and offer a service to help others.

Email: jaylenw@jaydubcomputerservices.com

Juston Jackson
Team Member

The name is Juston M. Jackson, I remember the first time I seen a computer terminal, completely fell in love with it. From the paint program to the Mines sweeper, from word pad to dial up internet, I've always had a thing for that box. It felt like the computer was another extension to my mind itself. I had my shares of owning multiple of computer and/ or electronics, and nothing feels better than knowing you can do multiple things with computer/electronics such as TV, music, internet, games, etc. I joined JCS to share the experiences I've had with my computer/electronics with others. Why should I be the only one who can experience the wonders of technology. Call me a nerd but I love computers.

Email: justonj@jaydubcomputerservices.com

Ellison Cayetano
Team Member

Email: ellisonc@jaydubcomputerservices.com